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YASGUI is a continuation of the older YASGUI web application. It is based on YASQE (a JS SPARQL query editor) and YASR (a JS SPARQL results visualization library)
var yasgui = YASGUI(document.getElementById("showcase"));

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The YASGUI files are hosted via JsDelivr. This CDN is the easiest way to include YASGUI in your website.


Visit the GitHub repository to download the YASGUI .css and .js files (find them in the dist directory).

Download latest release from GitHub 

YASGUI is registered as a node package as well, so you'll be able to use the node package manager to keep your version of YASGUI up to date.

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YASGUI (or one of its components, YASQE/YASR) is integrated in common triple-stores such as Apache Jena , OpenRDF Sesame and ClioPatria.

It has seen uptake in Linked Data tools as well, including

  • Gosparqled (demo), an extension of YASQE providing context-dependent property and class autocompletions
  • Snapper (demo), a browser based Turtle editor
  • Visu (demo), the first library to extend YASR with Google Chart functionality
  • Brwsr, a Linked Data browser
  • Trifid, a lightweight Linked Data server and proxy

Publishers are using as well, such as , the Smithsonian American Art museum ,the German National Library of Economics (ZWB) , Linked Open Vocabularies , the LOD Laundromat , MetaLex and the CEDAR project.